Tournament name

Bohemia Trophy 2019


Friday 16th August - Sunday 18th August 2019


Technology Florbal Mladá Boleslav (CZE)
IBK Dalen (SWE)
EräViikingit (FIN)
Floorball Köniz (SUI)


Thophies for team in the TOP 3. Plaque for the fourth team. All-Star Team. Best scorer. Best goalkeeper.


MSH Mladá Boleslav


Each team plays each once in one group.


The Bohemia Trophy are played under standard floorball rules and consist of three periods of 20 minutes. There is a 5-minute break between periods. If the match is tied after third period, penalties will decide. Five field players from each team shall take one penalty shot each. If the score after this is still equal, the same players shall take one penalty shot each until a decisive result is achieved.

The penalty shots shall be taken alternately. The referees decide which goal to use and shall carry out a draw between the team captains. The winner decides which team will start taking the penalty shots. The team captain or a member of the team staff shall, in writing, inform the referees and the secretariat of the numbers of the players and the order in which they will take the penalty shots. The referees are responsible for ensuring that the penalty shots are taken in the exact order as noted by the team staff.

As soon as a decisive result is achieved during the penalty shots, the match is over and the winning team shall be considered to have won by one extra goal. During the regular penalty shots, a decisive result is considered to be achieved when a team is leading by a larger number of goals than the opposing team has remaining penalty shots. During the possible extra penalty shots, a decisive result is considered to be achieved when a team has scored one goal more than the opposing team and both teams have taken the same number of penalty shots. The extra penalty shots do not have to be taken in the same order as the regular penalty shots, but a player must not take his third penalty shot until all the noted players in his team have taken at least two, and so on.

If one of the noted players incurs any penalty during the penalty shots, the team captain shall choose a field player, who is not already noted, to replace the player who has incurred the penalty. If a goalkeeper incurs any penalty during the penalty shots, he shall be replaced by the reserve goalkeeper. If a reserve goalkeeper is not available, the team has a maximum of 3 minutes to properly equip a field player, who is not already noted, but none of this time may be used for warming up. The new goalkeeper shall be marked in the match record, and the time of the change shall be noted. A team that is unable to note five field players shall only be allowed to take as many penalty shots as they have noted players. This is also valid during possible extra penalty shots.



Three points are awarded to the team winning a match and no point to the losing team. If the game is drawn, each team receives one point and five-man penalty shootout decides about one bonus point. 


The ranking within a group shall be decided in the following order:

a) The total number of points.

b) If two or more teams have the same number of points the internal matches of the teams concerned, the internal goal difference included if necessary, shall be decisive.

c) If the internal matches according to b) are not decisive, most scored goals internally shall be decisive.

d) If the ranking cannot be decided by the internal matches, the total goal difference of the teams concerned shall be decisive.

e) If the total goal difference is not decisive most scored goals of the teams concerned shall be decisive.

f) If most scored goals are not decisive a drawing of lot with the teams concerned shall settle the ranking unless the ranking concerns only the two teams playing a last round match deciding about promotion or relegation when extra time and, if needed, penalty shots shall decide the ranking.


Czech floorball referee.


Tournament director
Tomáš Pacák
Phone: +420 722 929 970

Main organizer
Michal Macků
Phone: +420 603 241 952

Tournament PR manager
Michal Miškovský
Phone: +420 734 272 425