Tournament information


Wednesday 13th June – Sunday 17th June 2018


Mladá Boleslav: Municipal Sports Arena (capacity for floorball: 900 people)
Prague: Arena Sparta Podvinný mlýn (capacity for floorball: 1,100 people)


Group stage
Six teams are divided into two groups of three. The top team of each group advance to the semifinal. The teams in the second and third place proceeds to the quarterfinal to batlle for two spots in the semifinal.

Knockout stage
The knockout stage is a single-elimination tournament in which teams play each other in one-off matches with penalty shootouts to decide the winner in the case of a draw (3 penalties and then the penalties are taken by one for each team, if necessary). The losing semifinalists play the third-place match.


Three points are awarded to the winner of each game at the group stage. In the case of a penalty-shooutout victory, the winner gets 2 points while the losing team is awarded 1 point. No points are awarded to the losing team within the standard playing time.

If there is a tie in terms of points, the ranking among the teams in the groups is determined as follows:
- Result of the head-to-head game
- Greatest combined goal difference in all group games
- Greatest number of goals scored in all group games


The Bohemia Trophy are played under standard floorball rules and consist of three periods of 20 minutes. There is a 5-minute break between periods.


Tournament director
Tomáš Pacák
telefon: +420 722 929 970

Coordinator Praha
Veronika Jelínková
phone: +420 739 323 308

Coordinator Mladá Boleslav
Michal Miškovský
phone: +420 734 272 425

Team Coordinator
Daniel Werthaim
phone: +420 776 723 558