ACEMA Sparta Praha

The co-organizer of the Bohemia Trophy will use the second edition of the tournament as a quality preparation for the upcoming season and would like to repeat play-off´s semifinal from Tipsport superliga 2017/2018. Milan Garčar, who used to play in Sweden (Falun, Helsingborg), Finland (Nokian), and Switzerland (Kloten), will represent the red´s, together with new defense star Radim Křenek. Sparta will play all the group matches of the Bohemia Trophy in a well-known environment of Aréna Podvinný mlýn.

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IBK Dalen

Czech representatives Milan Tomašík, Martin Tokoš and Patrik Suchánek presented Czech floorball very well in Umea. The Czech group gradually split up; however, IBK Dalen will still be again one of the most attractive things offered to the fans during the Bohemia Trophy. There are two Swedish national team players in the team who thinks about participating in World Chapionship 2018 in Prague, the goalkeeper Mans Parsjö Tegnér and the forward Jonas Svahn. 

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Linköping Innebandy

Swedish superligan club IBK Linköping establihed as one of the top teams last years of swedish league. The finalist of Swedish superliga 2016/2017 is coming for Bohemia Trophy 2018 for the first time in row and will be lead by the best center forward of the league Matej Jendrisak, who is also the captain of Czech national team. 

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SB Welhot

Very interesting participant of the tournament will be finnish team SB Welhot, who finished 10th in the finnish highest league - Saalibandy. SB Welhot will represent the league of world champions from Finlad and because of its first Finland participant in tournament Bohemia Trophy 2018 will be excating opponents for other teams. 

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National team of Slovakia is getting ready for World Championship 2018 in Prague and as a part of preparation is international Bohemia Trophy 2018. Team stars are young shooter Michal Dudovic from Wiler-Ersigen or Vitkovice´s skilled players Lukas Rezanina, who are coached by experienced Czech trainer Petr Koutný. 

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Technology Florbal MB

The organizer and the winner of Tipsport Superliga 2017/2018 will show to fans for the first time after superfinal game played in Ostrava, with international floorball once again and the team has some serious ambitions in their home environment. The head coach Jan Pazdera works with many Czech national players, for example, the goalkeeper Lukáš Bauer, the back Jan Jelínek, and the forwards Jiří Curney, Jakub Gruber and Milan Tomašík or Jan Natov. 

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